USD 88000 cash waiting for you!

USD 88000 cash waiting for you!


    Get cash when you register or invite your friend to register. How much money your friend get,and how much you will get too.The more friends you invite, the more money you will get. It’s no upper limit.



    You have a chance to get USD218.00 every time when you share it.
    We will give you one lucky number when you 10 Likes by share.You can share to your Facebook Timeline or any Facebook Group.The more groups you share, the more lucky number you will get.

    Lucky numbers will be used to draw prizes.
Lottery method:Check the winning number in website: .we will publish the winning number every Wednesday and Saturday.And the cash will send to you immediately.
    We will give each person a lottery number in order from 1 ~ 69
    For example:

    A01 means the first ball is NO.01 .After we give A69 then the next lucky number is B01
    E62 means the fifth ball is NO.62

Every participant need to add our customer service(Facebook: @Hyacinth Chen) to ask for lucky number.And we will invite you to participants groups.

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